Monday, July 21, 2008

Harlem Masters: Fisk University

“Harlem Masters: Selections from Fisk’s Harmon Foundation Collection” is the latest exhibit featured in The Aaron Douglas Gallery at Fisk University and runs from now until October 31.
The exhibit features fifty works by artists that were associated with the Harlem Renaissance such as William H. Johnson’s “Going to Church” (1938), Malvin Gray Johnson’s “Pulley Lines” (1933) and James Porter’s “Woman with a Jug” (1930.)

Established by William Elmer Harmon in the 1920s, The Harmon Foundation established an annual arts award to recognize then-emerging African American artists in Harlem. After Harmon’s death in 1928, the foundation’s director Mary Brady expanded support with the establishment of exhibitions in downtown New York to solicit wider attention for Harlem artists. As the local and global art community began to take note, The Harmon Foundation entered works form Harlem artists such as James Porter, Malvin Gray Johnson and Jacob Lawrence into a permanent collection called “The Harmon Collection of Negro Art”.

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