Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And now a word from our sponsor . . . get real.

I usually try to keep things light over here on BlackVisualArtist, but I have to take a short commercial break today.

Have people lost their minds? I have never seen anything like the foolishness that's going on at these Town hall Meetings. Why are these fools fighting AGAINST healthcare reform? Why are the fools fighting against healthcare reform all on national healthcare, medicare, medicaid, VA benefits themselves. This is an outrage. Let's be real -- this is not about healthcare, because any moron can tell you that we need a system that works for everyone. This is about America having a Black president. This is about America coming into the 21st Century. This is about a bunch of fools who want to take us back to plantations, hoop skirts, and mint juleps for master on the veranda.

I work at a local social service organization and one of our projects helps people find low cost or free healthcare. This project has opened my eyes to the suffering that goes on when people have no healthcare and few options. And, these are not lazy people, they just cannot find a job or have a job with negligible "benefits."

I have seen:

Diabetics without any insulin.

Hypertensives with no medication, blood pressure out of control.

Tons of people who have no clue about their HIV status.

People who can barely see.
People who've done thier own stitches.

And, a young man who had "set" his own broken arm because he could not return to the emergency room and incur any more bills (this one took the cake).

Get real, these fools protesting are not fighting against healthcare. They will not bear the brunt of the costs. They will benefit from any improvements made to the system. They need to be honest and claim their racism. Stop hiding behind signs of socialism, stop screaming about taxes and how their kids will have to pay in the future, stop crying for politicians to be lynched. Join the Klan and let the rest of us move forward with getting the healthcare that our country and its citizens so need.

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Ray Avito said...

I can't wait until next week to see what the latest thing to cause unruly mob mentality will be. Of course they just have America's best interest at heart because democracy works best with heavy handed intimidation and uninformed, deceitful rhetoric.