Thursday, October 16, 2008

Seeking the Self

This month, the Cultural Foundation of Broward found an innovative way to promote the arts while introducing audiences to a vast array of cultural experiences. Seeking The Self - The Art of Jonathan Green Festival, Oct. 17 - 21, celebrates the work of an important African-American painter through visual and performing arts. "Jonathan Green is a passionate artist with a drive to educate and create, and there will be more than a few unique elements about this multidisciplinary festival-an eclectic and dynamic array of dance, music, film, lectures, receptions, art for children, poetry and gatherings, as Green and the Cultural Foundation bring the term 'festival' to new heights," says Melanie Camp, committee chair for the event."Reaching out to numerous cultural organizations to create a broader experience - expanding on a wide range of workshops, lectures and awards programs, the Foundation has created a way to commemorate Green's artistry," explains Roberta Young, president of the Cultural Foundation of Broward.

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