Wednesday, October 15, 2008

See It Before It's Gone!

DURHAM - It was only 20 years ago that 19th-century African-American still-life painter Charles Ethan Porter was discovered and belatedly ranked highly among his peers in the genre.
But he still hasn't been widely exposed -- underlined by the fact that an exhibition that opens today at the N.C. Central University Art Museum is only the second time he has been exhibited.
That makes "Charles Ethan Porter: African American Still Life Artist" a very big deal at the university.
"We're tickled," said museum director Kenneth Rodgers. "Without question, this is one of the more important exhibitions we've had here."
The museum, while exploring neglected and contemporary African-American artists, has presented mostly 20th century works.
This show, which runs through Nov. 2, includes dozens of still-life paintings that have never been seen in the South. Several recently discovered landscapes are also included, as well as some trompe l'oeil images of insects that have only surfaced in the last few years.

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