Friday, October 17, 2008

Jones Donates Collection to UA

TUSCALOOSA -- After more than two years of courtship, Paul R. Jones donated his vast collection of African-American art to the University of Alabama.
The new stewards of the $4.8 million collection plan to display pieces on campus and loan works to other universities and museums.
"It's significant beyond measure," said Robert Olin, dean of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences at a news conference Tuesday. "We've only begun the possibilities this gift brings."
With more than 1,700 pieces, it is considered one of the largest collections of African-American art, and was coveted by more than Olin and UA. But Jones said he picked Tuscaloosa for several reasons, chief among them is Alabama. Though he lives in Atlanta, he was born in Bessemer.
"This is my way of coming back home in wanting to give a gift to the state of my birth," he said. "This is a gift to Alabama and Alabamians."

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