Saturday, May 16, 2009

Online Documentary: Colored Frames

I learned about this excellent documentary from BlackLines.

“Colored Frames” chronicles the struggles of African American artists for visibility and acceptance over the past 75 years. The dark tales of racism and oppression in the art world from a variety of artists young and old, is counterbalanced by the vibrant imagery of their works, which range in style from impressionistic collage, to abstract surrealism. “It was important that rather than simply being a collection of nice pictures, the film at the same time explore the core of the African American experience both historically, and today. Only this way can the audience truly understand and appreciate these works” said Wilson. Ugbode added “I’m not saying good films haven’t been made, but I believe that there is room in the celebration of Black History for new interpretations of that history. If only because history up until recently has been documented by the same people.”

Check out the documentary here.

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